Tannus airless tires are from our patented Aither material. A multi cell foam compound, Aither is lightweight, shock-absorbing and incredibly durable.

All our tires come with a manufacturer’s guarantee of up to 6000 miles (~9000km). That’s like cycling from the West coast of the US to East…and back again.

Tannus airless tires grip as well as any regular tire, whether in the wet or loose gravel. We hold the highest certificate of standards by the TUV so you can ride happily knowing you are in very safe hands.

We’ve proudly sponsored World Championship riders to Kona elite athletes who would all prefer to continue riding rather than pull out due to a flat tire. With some sizes, the airless setup can increase resistance by a few %, but you would be hard pushed to notice this. Give it a try for yourself.

Installation takes slightly longer than a regular tire, but then you don’t have to waste time taking the tire on and off every time you get a puncture. So all-in-all you save time. Check out our installation guide for more information.

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