Tannus Armour is the ultimate in tire protection and performance for all levels and styles of riding.

Sitting between your tire and inner tube, the Tannus Armour provides 15mm of puncture protection on the top, as well as 2mm of sidewall protection from sharp objects and rocks.

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Whether you are a city biker, adventure tourer or prefer the off-road, downhill or gravel trails, Tannus Armour gives you increased grip and vibration dampening for a smoother, more comfortable and enjoyable ride.


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20" x 1.95 -2.1 / (50-54)-406, 20" x 2.1 – 2.5 / (54-63)-406, 24" x 1.95 -2.1 / (50-54)-507, 24" x 2.1 – 2.5 / (54-63)-507, 26” x 1.6”-1.9” / (42-44)-559, 26” x 1.95”-2.1” / (50-54)-559, 26” x 2.1”-2.5” / (54-63)-559, 700 x 28-34C / (28-34)-622, 700 x 35-40C / (35-40)-622, 700 x 42-47C / (42-47)-622, 27.5” x 1.95”-2.1” / (50-54)-584, 27.5” x 2.1”-2.5” / (54-63)-584, 29” x 1.95”-2.1” / (50-54)-622, 29” x 2.1”-2.5” / (54-63)-622, PLUS SIZE 29" x 2.6"-3.0", PLUS SIZE 27.5 x 2.6"-3.0"

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