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Introducing the Tannus

Leisure Range


Introducing the Tannus leisure range – designed to let you enjoy your rides in comfort, without the worry of flat tyres or reduced performance. Our airless leisure tyres can’t be punctured, are guaranteed to keep you pedalling for at least 9,000 km, offer unbeatable grip in all weather conditions, and provide all the cushioning you need to relax and ride in comfort. Fine-tuned over 15 years by Tannus engineers, our industry-leading Aither technology achieves the perfect balance of durability, low rolling resistance, comfort and grip; offering all the benefits of a pneumatic tyre but with the added bonus of no punctures and maintenance-free performance. Leave your pump, tools and spare tubes at home – just get out there and ride.

Leisure Tyres





Features & Benefits

Ultimate puncture protection

Wider tyres for better road contact

Durable – guaranteed up to 9,000km with only 1.5mm of wear

Same feel and performance as pneumatic tyres

Consistent tyre pressure

Maintenance free

Can be retrofitted onto any clincher rim

Low rolling resistance

Simple locking system to ensure maximum safety

Independently safety tested by TUV Germany

Tested, developed and fine-tuned over 15 years

No need to carry tubes, levers or repair kit

The Magic Triangle



Made from a very special Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin "Aither", Tannus tyre uses a foaming technology. Adn, it may look similar to that used in many lightweight sports shoes, but it is totally different from any other foaming technology both in terms of its process or the condition. It is made from the one-and-only material "Aithercompound" with a very unique foaming process.

THE CELL (under microscope)

Aither1.1 had much enhanced elasticity than Aither1.0, ensuring a better feel whilst riding and good grip performance.Furthermore, Aither1.1 is performing at a much lower rolling resistance-approximately 15% less. It now has the rolling resistance rate that closely matches premium pneumatic city bike tyres, taking this a step closer to ideal bike tyre.

This is no more an "Evolution", but is a "Revolution"!

Specs & Sizes

Do not attempt to fit Tannus tyres to rims that do not correspond to the size chart

* Please measure the inner width of your rims before purchase. Although Tannus tyres fit most ALU clincher rims, some manufacturers produce rims that do not work with Tannus
Diameter Widths ETRTO Tread Pattern Hardness PSI Colours Weight(g) Rim Size
16" 1.25 (32-305) Mini Velo R 90 Midnight,Sahara 280 17-20mm
16" 1.5 (40-305) Shield 80 440 19-21mm
16" 1.25 (32-349) Mini Velo 90 310 17-20mm
18" 1.25 (32-355)
16" 1.5 (40-349) Shield 80 480 19-21mm
18" 1.5 (40-355)
20" 1.25 (32-406) Mini Velo 90 360 17-20mm
20" 1.5 (40-406) Shield H/R/S | Black only 85/80/75 570 19-21mm
20" 2.0 (51-406) - 50 675 32-34mm
20" 1 1/8 (28-451) Semi Slick R 100 380 13-16mm
22" 1.5 (40-501) Shield 80 550 19-21mm
24" 1.5 (40-540) 80 590 19-21mm
24" 1.75 (44-507) 80 670 17-20mm
26" 2.0 (51-559) - 50 - 895 32-34mm
26" 1.75 (44-559) Razor Blade H/R/S | Black only 85/80/75 Volcano,Midnight, Sahara 800 17-20mm
26" 1 3/8 (35-590) Shield R 80 Midnight,Sahara 620 18-20mm
700 23C (23-622) Slick H/R/S | Black only 115/105/95 All 12 colours 370 13-15mm
700 25C (25-622) New Slick H/R | Black only 110/100 434 16-18mm
700 28C (28-622) Semi Slick H/R/S | Black only 105/100/95 460 14-16mm
700 32C (32-622) Shield R 80 Midnight,Sahara 650 18-20mm
27" 1.25 (32-630)
700 40C (40-622) 80 730 19-21mm
27" 1.5 (40-630)


Correct installation is essential for the safety of your tyre. Therefore, we have made every effort to help you by creating easy-to-use installation guide. Download the PDF or watch the video for your Tannus product.

Please click on the play button here below for see the installation video.


How easy are they to fit?

It all depends on the individual, but it should take 10 to 15 minutes per tyre. Once they are on, you do not need to take them off. Also, we recommend that you get them fitted from an authorised Tannus dealer, (please see the Tannus Tyres website for the nearest stockist or distributor).

What's the ride like?

It rides like a normal pneumatic tyre and will feel like they are pumped up at all times.

How many grades are there?

…..in 700 x 23 and 28 only.

How long do they last?

Depending on the rider, the Tannus tyres lasts up to 10000Km (6000miles).

How do I take it off?

There would be no need for the tyres to be removed once fitted. However they will only need to be removed to replace a broken spoke and we recommend that if this occurs, that you take the wheel to an authorised Tannus dealer.

How are they in the wet?

They perform and behave the same as a normal pneumatic tyre.

What weight they can take?

The Tannus tyres can withstand the weight of 150kg (75kg for each tyre).

Whats the weight of the Tyre?

The Tannus tyre is extremely light; its weight may surprise you. (For example; the 700 x 23c is 380g). Lighter than most tyre and tube combinations.

Whats the equivalent Psi (tyre pressure) On the 700 x 23 or 28?

It’s about 100 PSI on the Tannus regular grade. (Some people do complain that it is a harsh ride; however that is because they are riding on constantly pumped tyres). There are approximately 75% of the cyclist population that don’t even bother looking at their tyres unless there is a problem, thereafter end up riding on only 40-50 PSI.

What is the rolling resistance like for road racing and triathlon?

Even though the Tannus tyre is 1-2 km per/hr slower than the fastest road tyres, these would be perfect for all forms or road users doing long distance events.