James Maddison will learn from casino error, says England manager Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate believes James Maddison has learned the hard way about the seriousness England gamers are beneath after he was pictured at a casino after being discharged from international duty.
After contracting a virus Maddison was selected for the England squad but had to drop out.
Photographs appeared using the pictures alleged to have been taken at exactly the same time Southgate’s guys played at Prague on Friday gambling at a Leicester casino, of him.
Southgate’s response was a typically measured one as he faced the press ahead of Mondays Group A game in Sofia but he cautioned the 22-year-old – along with England’s other players – about the strain they’ll find themselves under off the pitch as well as on.
Once participants been released from the group, then it is up to them the way they spend their personal time, said Southgate.
I guess what James has learned is that in the event youve got involvement with England, then there is an elevated spotlight on you, and enhanced interest on your private and personal life too.
That goes with the land. It is a high-profile place.
As the Bulgaria match, Southgate has urged his players to bounce back from their defeat to the UK casino as they seem to secure their new casinos for 2020 qualification on Monday for.
Englands 2-1 loss in Prague was their first in 44 matches in an impressive run that extended back a decade.
A bothersome performance against the Czechs – who they thrashed 5-0 in Wembley in their opening Group A European Qualifier – could conceivably affect assurance.
But Southgate believes they are lucky enough to reflect on the disappointment of the defeat and learn from their mistakes.
I believe we have an extremely fair set. They’re extremely self-reflective, he added.
They know, they do not want me to tell them if they have not played at the level they can.
The secret is obviously, OK, we have to recuperate quickly from the outcome. There is absolutely no point us feeling sorry for ourselves and moping around. All of us are accountable for the outcome.
Im the boss, I take the greatest responsibility and then we have to proceed and be ready for the match.
somewhat different kinds of test . however, it is a sort of distinct challenge for everyone because this youthful team hasn’t really experienced a night like this, where we’ve experienced performance and an outcome that was sudden.
I dont think defeats injury teams. If the response is great, then what you learn from defeats, what you get strength from beats, are still a significant part a participant’s career and a persons life.
Maybe we were all focusing a good deal on next summer, talking a lot about the following summer, answering queries regarding a home tournament and I have always asserted that the first thing is we have to qualify.
We havent secured that eligibility however, so our focus tomorrow is to have the performance and the outcome that we need.

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