How easy are Tannus Tyres to fit?

It all depends on the individual, but it should take 10 to 15 minutes per tyre. Once they’re on, you don’t need to take them off. For best results we recommend getting them fitted by an authorised Tannus dealer (please click here to find your nearest stockist or distributor).

What's the ride like?

Tannus Tyres ride like a regular pneumatic tyre and will feel like they’re fully inflated at all times.

How many grades are there?

Tannus Tyres come in 700 x 23 and 700 x 28 only.

How long do they last?

Depending on the way the bike is ridden, our tyres should last up to 10,000km (6,000 miles).

How do I take Tannus Tyres off?

There should be no need for the tyres to be removed once fitted. However, they may need to be removed to replace things like broken spokes and in that instance we recommend taking the wheel to an authorised Tannus dealer.

How do they perform in the wet?

They perform and behave the same as regular pneumatic tyres.

How much weight can they can take?

Tannus Tyres can withstand weights of up to 150kg (75kg for each tyre).

How much do Tannus Tyres weigh?

Tannus Tyres are extremely light. For example the 700 x 23c weighs just 380g – lighter than most tyre and tube combinations.

What's the equivalent PSI (tyre pressure) On the 700 x 23 or 700 x 28?

It’s about 100 PSI on the Tannus regular grade, so you’ll feel like you’re constantly riding on fully inflated tyres. To put that into context, approximately 75% of cyclists only check their tyre pressure if there’s a problem, and therefore usually end up riding on less than 50 PSI.

What's the rolling resistance like for road racing and triathlon?

Even though Tannus Tyres are around 1-2 km per/hr slower than the fastest road tyres, they would still be perfectly suitable for anyone competing in long-distance events.