You can return the unit to us and we will have the manufacturer repair or if need be replace the product for you providing the fault is found to be a result of either a manufacturing or material defect. If the manufacturer finds that the problem is due to misuse or neglect they reserve the right to levy a charge for the repair and return of the product. All our products are manufactured to the relevant USA or European Safety Standards. We will endeavour to take the greatest care to ensure that you receive your goods in perfect condition and that they are in good working order.However, if your goods are damaged or faulty, please contact customer care at on Complaints / Feedback / Recommendations.


This product is for bicycle tires only.

We are not responsible for damage caused during installation unless it’s a manufacturing default.

We are not responsible for misuse or tampering of the Tannus Armour.

In some cases, the size of the Armour will not match the size of your tire. If proving difficult to install, we recommend changing size.

Tannus will not be liable if these guidelines are not followed through appropriately.

1. Tannus Armour protects against punctures, however, if the inner tube itself is at fault we are not responsible.

2. If a puncture occurs whilst Tannus Armour is installed you can continue to ride for a limited period of time at a maximum of 10km/h.

3. It is important to understand how the Tannus Armour is installed correctly. Please be sure to read the installation manual attached or visit for more information.

4. It is important to select the correct size Armour. Please refer to the Tannus Armour size guide.

5. Please be aware that selecting the incorrect size may cause damage when installing.

6. The Tannus Armour can be reused upon multiple punctures, however, please check for damage to the Armour prior to reinstalling.

7. We recommend to periodically check the condition of the tire, Armour and inner tube for signs of wear and tear.

8. We advise you to install Tannus Armour using an approved Tannus dealer or technician. We are not responsible for any accidents or damages caused by malfunctions when installing with unapproved persons.

9. We encourage you to ride carefully at all times at a controlled speed especially when weather conditions are wet.


1. Be sure to check the correct rim size and width when installing the Tannus Armour. It may be necessary to cut and fit the wing of the Armour according to the size of the tire.

2. If you are required to cut the Armour wings prior to installation, please follow the cut line.

3. Clean the inside and outside of the Armour with a soft cloth before installation to prevent dust and foreign objects which could affect the life of the Armour.

4. Be careful not to bend or damage the valve of the inner tube when installing the Armour as this may cause issues when inflating the tube.

5. When installing, ensure the wings of the Armour do not fold.

6. Only use a tire lever to install the Armour. Any other tools may cause damage.