2016 – 1st Place, American Continental Championship
Lima, Peru

2016 – 1st Place, American Continental Championship
Lima, Peru

2016 – 1st Place, American Continental Championship
Lima, Peru



Q: Why would you switch from tubeless to Armour?
A: Sidewall protection. I’ve lost races to tears in the sidewall

Q: What was your initial impression?
A: It felt different but in a good way. It was super smooth. I was also half a second faster

Q: What differences do you notice?
A: The grip is just endless and it’s like having a second suspension

Q: What do you like most about it?
A: The ride is a lot more smooth and you save a lot from arm pump

Q: Running lower PSI: When does it help the most?
A: On the off camber and corners the grip is just endless. You can trust a lot more. And don’t need to worry about the tyre burping in corners

Q: How does it affect your climbing?
A: Well the armour allows me to use a really lightweight tyre and with a really fast rolling. I just low the pressures and end having the grip I need

Q: One example of something it allowed you to do that you couldn’t do on tubeless
A: It gives you more confidence when you going through the rocks

Q: Did you notice the weight? If so, how do you feel about it?
A: You can try to shave weight using a lighter tyre

Q: What aspect of your riding will be most affected by it?
A: Any race really, but in the rough tracks it definitely will make a huge difference

Q: When was the last time you ran a lighter casing?
A: Last week in Revolution bike park in Wales. Because you can lower the pressure and have all the protection you can use a lighter weight tyre without sidewall protections and the armour will provide the protection plus the grip you need lowing the pressure

Q: What would you says to the tube haters?
A: I get it…but if you want better grip, better protection and an overall smoother, more comfortable ride…try the Armour