Armour is made using Tannus’s patented Aither technology. Aither is a multicell foam compound that is incredibly strong, durable and grippy, yet absorbs vibration at the same time for a smooth and comfortable ride.

This depends on the size but varies between 260-320g. Gram shaving? Due to the increased protection and grip you get from using the Armour, you can run a lighter and faster rolling tire and be ~200g lighter than tubeless. For a full list of specs and sizes click here

The Armour comes with a 7000km manufacturers guarantee. That is a lot of riding. For full details of the manufacturers guarantee click here

The Armour is super easy to setup and installs just like a regular tube. You don’t need any additional tools. Check out the installation video here

Yes. If you use your regular tube the excess rubber from the inner tube will fold inside the Armour and can cause pinch-flats.

We’d challenge you to notice any difference at all. Our pro riders have actually got FASTER times using the Armour than they did with their previous setups.