Tannus Used by Ukraine’s National Track Team

TANNUS Tyres has received a massive seal of approval after Ukraine’s national cycle team started using the company’s airless no-puncture tyres.

Between 10-12 members of the national track team are using the Aither 1.1 tyres for outdoor training.On top of that a number of top Ukraine road riders are also using the tyres. Athletes using the tyres include double European track gold winner Liubov Basova, 28, (nee Shulika) and Andrii Vynokurov, 34, currently lying second in the UCI Keirin rankings.

Road rider Olena Pavlukhina a member of the women’s Astana team, who competed in the Rio Olympics road race is also training on the tyres.

Brothers Alex and Maksym Lopatyuk, a former member of the Ukraine track team introduced Tannus to the squad after testing the tyres for six months.

Alex, a former marathon runner, said: “Ten to 12 of the team are using the tyres for off-track training.

“Most have them on two bikes a regular road bike and a track bike fitted with brakes for outside training.

“We tested them for six months prior to making contact to check that they performed at the level required.

“You would never offer top athletes new equipment unless you are very sure it is going to work for them and sure of the benefit.

“They are completely safe and make you work harder.

“Even the highly sceptical mechanics accepted the tyres by the end of 2016.”

The deal with the Ukraine track team is the most high profile struck by Alex, who is distributing Tannus Tyres in former Soviet bloc countries, including Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

He said that the track team took up the tyres when a winter training trip last year to Turkey was almost a disaster because of heavy rain.

He said: “The team were in Turkey to get away from the cold Ukrainian winter, but it was raining all the time so ended up on the turbos indoors.

“They got fed up with indoor training that they decided to try the Tannus Tyres and have not looked back.

“We also offered them to some road riders and there’s been quite a bit of take up from them.”

A number of other Ukrainian local teams are using the tyres to train on in the country where the winter temperatures are routinely well below zero.

Alex said most were installing the tyres, that clip inside the rim, themselves while others called on the team mechanics to fit them.

Alex said: “A combination of the bad winter weather and the poor road surfaces in the Ukraine mean Tannus are ideal.

Before Tannus I used to get flats all the time . One week I had five or six flats, but that’s not a problem now.”

The deal with the Ukrainian team is another big breakthrough so far for Tannus Tyres.