Tannus In Taipei Return

Tannus Tyres have returned from its debut at the The Taipei International Cycle show has set in train a series of talks with numerous distributors and bike brands exploring tie-ups with the airless, puncture-free brand, Tannus.

The Tannus European team, headed by European chief Jazz Walia joined with bosses from the company’s South Korea HQ at the show.

Jazz said: “There are some of the biggest names and brands in the cycling industry there and we were flattered to have a lot of interest from many of their representatives. “It’s all about networking at the moment, so nothing is agreed but there were of lot of very positive conversations which leave me very optimistic.”

As well as talks with major bike brands and suppliers, Tannus also met with a number of Asian city bike-sharing schemes.

Jazz also enthused about a number of new Tannus products which will begin to hit bike shops over the next 12 months.

He said: “There’s a lot of very exciting new things going on both in development and new products which we will be talking about very soon.

“Confidence in Korea is very high and it is going to be a big 12- 18 months in terms of progress.”

Tannus debuted a range of new promotional videos at the show, demonstrating how to install and the benefits of the puncture-free tyre.