Japanese company Chacle hits sales target of 160,000

A JAPANESE bike brand fitted with Tannus Tyres is celebrating selling more than 160,000 cycles in just three years. Chacle shopper and commuter bikes, produced by Takeda, come fitted with the no-puncture airless tyres as standard and have become a feature of the Tokyo commuter scene.

The company marked the landmark with an advert pitching Tannus’s tyres against a Ninja warrior clad in black who tries but fails to derail a cyclist with tacks.

The bike is equipped with either 700x32C or 26’’x 1 3/8 Tannus tyres, which weigh just 660 grams.

Chacle’s use of the tyres predates Specialized Bikes, who it has been reported are using Tannus Tyres on it’s Alibi commuter bike, under its own Nimbus Airless brand.

Chacle shifted its 160,000th bike in a Tokyo store earlier this month.

It sells thousands through supermarkets including Aeon, Japan’s biggest chain, as well as traditional bike stores.

Young Ki Lee, Tannus chief executive, said: “They are incredibly popular in Japan. The feedback is there is no issue over weight – they are as light as pneumatics, they are perfectly comfortable and they are easy to pedal as they have low rolling resistance.”

Jazz Walia, European sales director for Tannus, said: “Momentum feels to be gathering at the moment. The Chacle bike distributed by Takeda has now sold 160,000 bikes.

“You don’t shift volumes like that without consumers being very happy about what they are buying and communicating that to their friends and family.

“So for us at Tannus we take it as a great compliment that the tyres are proving to be a big success and hopefully the first of many landmarks for Tannus as we move into 2017.”